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I run my business out of my truck, so I can't afford for it to be out of commission. I called Dave when my truck was acting up and from then on it was the best experience I've had at an automotive repair shop. Not only did he get my truck on the road quickly, he was completely honest with me and for the first time I felt great about the repair I was paying for. Dave is an awesome communicator, the shop is very nice (indoor and outdoor waiting room) and the prices are very reasonable. We are so thankful to have a place to take our vehicles for repairs and routine maintenance. Thanks Dave!

Scheduled an oil change at ICONIC AUTOMOTIVE. When we arrived they were ready and pulled our car into the service bay right away. State of the art equipment and a very clean shop. After a thorough inspection Dave pointed out that a tire pressure sensor wasn’t working. There was no hard sell to replace this non critical item but he explained why he would recommend it and advised us of the possible result of not doing so. Not only was the service quick but the prices were great. We’ll definitely be bringing our cars to ICONIC AUTOMOTIVE for all service going forward!

What a great experience. Went in for an oil change and asked for some other things to be checked out. I was driven home after dropping my car off by Jenny. Dave called 1 hour later to tell me all of the repairs that were needed (there were many)! He thoroughly explained each one. Pricing seemed very fair. When my car was ready Jenny picked me up and took me back to the shop (love the pick up service!). Dave showed me all of the worn out parts and even took a picture of my shocks to better explain the problem. So IMPRESSED! My new go to auto repair shop. VERY knowledgeable and professional!

This automotive shop was having it's Grand opening , they were closed this day I was in Prescott AZ. My kids and I were there for my 14 year old daughters softball tournament , we are from Las Vegas NV. Our car would not start and I was very stressed and had no idea what I was going to do , I did not know anyone in the area and to be honest I was very stressed . My 18 year old son and I walked about 4 blocks and came upon this shop (ICONIC AUTOMOTIVE) and they took the time out from the GRAND OPENING, and went and got my car started and got it to there shop , looked at it and told me what was wrong , then they gave me a great great deal on a battery , that was all I needed to be back on the road. They help my kids and I for free and just made me so grateful for good people in the world today. God bless them and I would recommend them to everyone I know . Not only did they fix my car on the grand opening and they did it out of the kindness of there hearts.. I am so thankful for them . GOD BLESS U ALL AT ICONIC AUTOMOTIVE.. YOUR SERVICE WAS AMAZING..

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